Tabadol Project

Welcome to our Tabadol project!

With our trip to Brussels coming up soon we will begin highlighting our planned activities for the trip. As the trip aims to bring people together to exchange their experiences of Europe and to learn from each other, it also aims to introduce Europe and a European identity to the participants. So get excited for our first itinerary item to be introduced. We will be going to visit the House of European History!

The House of European History aims to demonstrate how history shapes European memory and identity by focusing on Europe as a whole instead of on individual countries. They do this through permanent exhibitions and temporary ones. The permanent exhibitions show the development of Europe by going through the shaping of Europe as continent, through the rise of democracy, nationalism and industrialisation and leading to the world wars and postwar reconstruction. We will take a guided tour through the museum so that questions that the exhibitions raise can be hopefully answered. Hopefully the museum will inspire reflections within the group that we can use to further discussions about identity both in the past and the present.

Also exciting and relevant is the current temporary exhibition on offer at the museum, it is on Restless Youths, about growing up in Europe from 1945 to now and highlights the key experiences of youth in the different generations and how we all aimed to make a difference from the experience of our parents.

Come back next week for information on our next planned activity.