Job Hunting Café


If you are searching for a job or an apprenticeship and you need support, you are not alone. We, the association “migration_miteinander e.V.”, pursue with the local project “Bewerbercafé” the goal to help mainly young people with a refugee or migration background to enter the first German job market.

In a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, our Job Hunting Café offers individual and thus custom-fit counseling to provide the necessary support for orientation as well as a good introduction to and overview of the German training and labor market with its needs-oriented specifics.

What do we offer?

  • Professional support on job-searching
  • Creation of CV & motivation letters
  • Creation of the application folder (Bewerbungsmappe)
  • Support in the recognition of foreign degrees
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Monthly workshops and training on labour market topics.

For the volunteers and supporters of the Bewerbercafé, we regularly offer trainings and coachings both in Witten and online, funded mainly by the KommAN NRW programme.

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