Yalla Integra!

Yalla Integra! aims to bring people within Witten and nearby together. The focus of this project are the Tandem partnerships. In order to bring together theoretical learning and to strengthen a practical exchange, we support the creation and exchange between two people. Tandem partners can decide when to meet each other and what to do but we also work to ensure matches are suitable depending on individual needs and provide consistent support. For example, if someone wants to improve their German, we can ensure the pair have different language skills to make a more suitable pair. 

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In addition, we organise a monthly activity for all participants to come together for an activity (e.g. trampolining, mini golf, ice skating) or on a trip to neighbouring cities. This is an opportunity to get to know more people and get to know the area better. 

We also offer training and intercultural mediation for the group and tandem pairs.

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