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With MOREurope we want to make Europe more tangible for young refugees and to create new avenues to empower by allowing them access to equal opportunities in Europe. 

We believe that European mobility opportunities should be accessible to everyone, not only for European citizens but also for young refugees, who should also take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that are otherwise precluded to them. We aim to a world in which equal opportunities for everyone are given, regardless of nationality and birth privileges. This vision is for us even more important within a world that is increasingly turning a blind eye on people with less opportunities  and where borders are being increasingly sealed.

Through the project MOREurope we trust that we can indeed make European opportunities more accessible  to young refugees. The project envisions four volunteers to  be paired together within a peer to peer tandem learning programme. We believe this is a winning strategy for all: On one side, both volunteers will have the outstanding opportunity to work within a multicultural and diverse environment, paired together with another young person with(out) refugee background which will be an extremely enriching experience both from the personal and working aspects. On the other side, we believe that allowing mobility for everyone would break new grounds for young refugees that otherwise would have been inaccessible to them. 


MOREurope is funded by the Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps program and offers four ESC individual volunteering positions, both for young refugees and Europeans (aged 18-30), to join us for up to 10 month in our activities in Witten, Germany. During their permanence in Germany, we will offer them continuous support and training. We will  actively teach the young volunteers to develop  or improve important skills, such as IT skills, intercultural dialogue, mediation skills, language skills (both English and German), project development and management skills. Furthermore, they will acquire a broad knowledge of European mobility tools with the aim to  prepare them to become  ambassadors for increased mobility opportunities for all. We strongly believe that the overall impact of the project will  be beneficial for the whole community, including local population and institutions, that will get to know the volunteers and our work and get sensitized towards greater inclusiveness and cultural tolerance.

Our sending partner is our long-term Italian partner organization Associazione Interculturale Universo

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