(Y)our Europe! Vol.2

Become a changemaker and shape living together!

Join us in our next youth exchange in 2021, the training academy (Y)our Europe?!. 37 Young people between the age of 18 and 30, with and without refugee background, living in Turkey, Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany will come together for an 11 day long Youth exchange. The exchange will focus on how participants can have a positive impact on their society and support “old” and “new” citizens to live harmoniously together. 

Participants of our (Y)our Europe?! Project will receive the basic instruments to actively contribute their ideas to an enriching living together in European societies and to trigger awareness on this topic in their surroundings. Already the common realization of activities by the different participants of (Y)our Europe?! will lead -if accompanied competently- to a raised awareness and strengthened intercultural competence. The “other” will not be perceived as such anymore but as a part of the team, and with that as well as a part of one’s life and society, too. The different workshops, training and simulation games will further provide the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to an appreciation of living together and will enable them to adapt a constructive approach to resolve possible intercultural conflicts and react to stereotypes. The activities will be about Intercultural dialogue techniques, Cultural Mediation, Social cohesion and Strategies to identify and to counteract racist discriminatory patterns. The training will end with an intensive Idea Lab in which the participants will learn how to develop their own ideas and how to transform them into well- structured project sketches that can then be implemented in their local contexts. They will as well receive the necessary basic project management skills to be able to do so. 

All activities are based on the principles of non-formal Education and non-violent communication and use the experiential learning approach.

Contact Sophie Finnen for more information at sophie.finnen@migrationmiteinander.de

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