Listen to my story

“Hör meine Geschichte” is a project that aims to increase the appreciation for diversity and reduce the fear of the “unknown” among people from diverse backgrounds through storytelling and story writing. Through biographical work “Hör meine Geschichte” aims to take people with and without a refugee background on equal terms and establish inclusion. The target group will also have a chance to share their diverse stories, ranging from tradition, religion, identity and mobility. Their stories will be turned into a book to be published at a later stage.

The project will run in parallel with the book to be published and will be implemented in two phases. In the first one, 24 young people (12 with and 12 without refugee background) between the ages of 20-27 years, are going to learn and experience by their participation in the project, how they can shape actively co-existence with their biography and skills.

They take part in two months of training in different fields such as; Cultural mediation, dialogue- and storytelling techniques. Under the guidance of professional assistance and support from their tandem partners, the participants will develop their individual stories and be able to present them in the different activities that they will organize by themselves.

In the second phase, the participants will organize events, that will have different formats and are developed to reach a wider audience. At least 5 events, each with 3-4 stories, will be organized in schools and facilities for people with disabilities. In addition to those, the participants will organize 3 public events:

1-Intercultural storytelling with buffet and live music

2- “Open Mic” – A storytelling event in the Wittener Bar, where even guests are invited to share their personal stories.

3-final event “Open Library Day” with all the stories put in one book. At this event, visitors can “read” and learn from the 12 “books” stories and biographies of participants, who will perform the “living books”.

Each event creates space for informal exchange and getting to know each other.
In addition, all events are organized by the tandem team itself, which, apart from social inclusion will also promote self-sufficiency and organizational skills for the participants.

The book to be published will carry touching and moving stories that will shed light into the ‘secret’ and ‘mystical’ lives of many people we see today in our society.

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