Active involvement of Women in the neighbourhood

Together with the Quartiersmanagement Witten Heven-Ost/ Crengeldanz, we want to engage in in-depth conversations with 20 women with a migration or refugee background. We will be working with women in the Quartier Crengeldanz, Witten, and hope to listen to their experiences, engagement in the community, and further needs/wishes for the area. We want to recognise the work already implemented by women in the area and also discuss together next steps. In preparation, we have had training from Zeynep about “The Art of Interviewing”. Zeynep is a PHD student engaged with local migration topics and gave us some inders tipps. We hope to begin interviews in November. After speaking to the women, we will develop and share a brochure within the community.

The funding of this project is made possible through the funds of Heven-Ost/Crengeldenz, which is provided through the support of the National and State NRW program “Soziale Stadt”.


Thisha Migration Miteinander

Prathisha Hoffmann

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