Why? In our vision, we picture an accessible Europe in which all young people have equal opportunities regardless of their nationality or legal status. With a focus on mobility, we believe that everyone should be granted the concrete possibility to enjoy universal values like tolerance, inclusion, equality and solidarity.

What? The term moveurope! refers to a European-oriented programme aimed at presenting legal alternatives to irregular secondary movements. The programme commits to enhancing European mobility for young people with refugee backgrounds in Europe, and preparing them to become active (European) citizens.

Who? The moveurope! programme was created in 2017 by the encounter between migration_miteinander, based in Witten, Germany, and Associazione Interculturale Universo, based in Bologna, Italy. The two organisations still work very closely together to this day, but many other partners have joined from all over Europe.

How? Ever since its inception, moveurope! has accompanied young people onto long- and short-term mobility programmes, raised awareness of the European society on the mobility tools accessible to this group, carried out ongoing research into mobility programmes within other EU member states.

What can moveurope! do for me?
If you are a young person with refugee background:

  • Individual consultations on open migration pathways / mobility opportunities within Europe. Our Legal Help Desk will provide you with advice, information and accompaniment. Send us an email at 📧 or contact us via whatsapp at +49(0)1783350876
  • Case-by-case analysis of mobility opportunities in the context of national and European voluntary service programmes and apprenticeship offers. Our approach prioritises your needs, interests and motivation. Fill in the application form in one of the three available languages by clicking on “Open Voluntary Service Opportunities in Germany” below: this will allow us to evaluate your situation and find fitting solutions, offering support from the VISA procedure until after the completion of the mobility.

What can I do for moveurope?
If you want to support a young person with refugee background in moving to another EU country for education or work, or if you are working with this group of people and are interested in new approaches regarding European youth mobility:

  • Get more information about what we do and how to get involved by sending us an email at 📧 or texting us via whatsapp at 📞 +49(0)1783350876
  • Get trained to become a mobility mentor, acquiring the ability to operationally (and voluntarily) guide the moveurope! participants in the preparatory, implementation and follow-up phase of each mobility. A training cycle is currently being carried out, learn more here.
  • Get trained to make your organisation more inclusive and establish volunteering opportunities. With this in mind, we are building a network of moveurope! Mobility Hubs in Germany, Italy, Spain and France, whose main mission is to build and manage a local network of host organisations and other partners who implement youth mobilities together. The Mobility Hubs, with the support of the central Legal Help Desk, assist applicants and organisations with regard to the matching process, the VISA procedure and the search for accommodation and travel solutions.

Legal Help Desk

for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

What are my mobility rights in Europe? 
How can I benefit from European youth programmes such as voluntary services, if I am a refugee living in Europe? 
How can I legally move for work or education to another EU member state? 

We are here to answer your questions and support you to find solutions to move! 

Wednesdays, 3 pm – 5 pm CET 
Fridays, 10 am – 12 pm CET 

We 💬 French 🇫🇷, Spanish 🇪🇸, Italian 🇮🇹, Arabic 🇦🇪, Urdu 🇵🇰, English 🇬🇧, German 🇩🇪, Romanian 🇷🇴, Albanian 🇦🇱.
For all other languages we closely work together with interpreters. 


Our aim is to provide you with proper information and find answers to your questions. 
Therefore, anybody who wants to know more about their rights and opportunities in Europe is in the right place here.

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