Yalla Integra 2.0

Do you remember Yalla Integra?

Yalla Integra! is back – this time with new exciting activities in Witten and the surrounding area.

Take a trip in our memory palace!


  • In tandem we want to learn with and from each other and support each other, for example in learning a language. You can also continue to do this every second Wednesday in our digital language café!
  • Have you always wanted to implement your own small project? Have you always wanted to make a difference in your city or in our society, to change things, to get involved? Or have you always wanted to volunteer, but don’t really know where to start? At our Engage! Infopoint we can help you design your own small project ideas and implement them together with others. Or we can help you find a volunteer activity in Witten.
  • In regular training we want to refresh our knowledge and learn new things, so that together we can be even more active in shaping Witten and our society. We focus on topics like project management, communication, empowerment strategies or mediation, but it is also important for us to hear which workshops or training you always wanted to attend – and then offer them!
  • …and last but not least, as always, we want to have a lot of fun together! That’s why we will continue to have our monthly activities.


Everyone and anyone,

…who lives in Witten and the surrounding area and…

…want to meet new people, exchange ideas, become part of our community….

…or even implement your own project ideas and get involved!

Our activities are primarily aimed at young people with and without a migration or refugee biography in the Witten area. Why actually? Because we believe that we can all learn from each other and understand each other better through exchange, because it is exciting to get to know people with different life stories.

Does all this sound great and you want to know how you can join?

Become a part of our community:

Who is behind the project? 

This time, Projektfabrik Witten joined us for Yalla Integra 2.0! All activities are possible thanks to the funding of the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie



Tauqeer Kazmi

Project Assistant
Thisha Migration Miteinander

Prathisha Hoffmann

Would you like to have a language exchange? Meet new people? 

Improve your German skills? And do all that online and from your cozy couch?

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