Show me your school!

The goal of “Show me your school!” (Ger. Zeig mir deine Schule!) is to inform young displaced people about Waldorf education and make the Waldorf school, which is usually an unknown education for some, more accessible. 

We offer a film and photography workshop during the workshop in September at the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten. Not only students from the school will take part in the workshop but also displaced youth. During the workshop local students and displaced youth will work together on a photo exhibition about various education systems worldwide. Also, the participants will work on an “image film”, which explains in an entertaining and playful way the approach of the Waldorf School and anthroposophy and can be used by Waldorf schools throughout Germany.

This activity will not only promote peer-to-peer but also intercultural exchange and dialogue skills of the project’s participation. 

The project will be implemented as part of Waldorf 100.

Our sponsors: ESU (European Students’ union) and Together Moving Forward

Our partner: Waldorf 100

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