Youth Workers Mobility “Empower Youth!”

Youth Workers Mobility “Empower Youth!” Project aims to prepare youth workers for the job market in a social environment. The objectives of the project can be listed as:

  • Improving the working quality of youth workers through self-reflection, analysis and sharing personal experiences, providing skills and knowledge about leadership and youth capacity building, skills acknowledgement, employability, and empowerment.
  • Fostering the participants’ observation about their role and competencies as youth workers, and making them able to define short and long term objectives (worker management).

Through this project, youth workers will increase their skills, competence, and abilities. 

The project will take place in the second week of October and lasts for a week. Our partners are from Italy, Greece, Romania, Albania, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, France, and Malta. 

The project will include several activities including workshops, presentations, daily evaluations, and informal education activities such as simulations, different discussion formats, group work & peer-to-peer learning.

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