Tabadol is Arabic and means exchange – and this is exactly what we, as a group of young people from migration_miteinander, want to do together with a group from Bologna, Italy: exchange ourselves and learn from each other.

What? Together with and for young refugees, we want to develop and organise regular exchange activities, such as language tandems, job training, creative workshops (storytelling, theatre) or public events.

In addition to intercultural exchange, it is also important for us to understand the European context in which we find ourselves and to make it more tangible; that is why we will, among other things, undertake a joint excursion to the European capital Brussels in February 2020, where we will discover the European institutions together and exchange ideas with other local associations.

All our activities have a holistic approach: we also want to actively involve the civilian population and always meet at eye level and with mutual respect, adapting the content to the needs and ideas of all participants.  

The aim is mutual empowerment and learning from each other, from which young people with refugee backgrounds in particular should benefit. In the end, as trained facilitators of social cohesion, we all want to be able to contribute to a positive and inclusive coexistence of our societies.  

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