From Zoom to the Zoo

It has been a long wait but finally since last sunday we are back with our Yalla Integra monthly activities!

We left each other on a cold february night but luckily for us we got warmed up by the delicious food and brazilian atmosphere back then. This time weather was on our side but we suffered a bit seeing the seals diving happily and smoothly into the fresh pool right in front of us. We got surprised by seeing the extra size of some animals and at some point we were all standing and staring amazed like kids at the graceful movements of penguins.

Even with the distancing measures, it finally felt like a day back to normality, we even shared an ice cream and snacks and some of us chatted for the first time to get to know each other a little (and zoom was not involved at all in this!). This day was for sure packed with smiles, sun and happy shared moments, including chasing for the little baby animals all around (not to mention Flamingos!). It just felt so special being able to finally share this experience all together after the covid peak and we wanted to share this moment with you.

We are now too impatient for the next Yalla Integra meeting that will take place in July and if you would also like to take part in our activities, don’t hesitate to contact us!