On the 26th and the 27th of October migration_miteinander e.V. held a workshop on legal ways of mobility within Europe for refugees. First the legal framework and the obstacles arising from this framework were discussed. Afterwards the project Moveurope! was presented which offers alternative ways of legal mobilities. 

The Workshop started off with the introduction of the Dublin regulation, where participants were to actively share what they knew or didn’t know about this topic. Followed by it was an in-depth explanation of the regulation, which highlighted the proper purpose of the regulation in establishing responsibility of the relevant country. In addition to that, participants were introduced to the Moveurope! project and its role within this system. For further understanding, they were first presented with the frameworks of Inner-European legal migration, its tools for third country nationals and how these tools can be used to encourage legal mobility. 

The participants then understood the role of the Moveurope! project and migration_miteinander e.V in offering different legal mobility programs. To maintain the interactivity of this workshop and in order for the participants to better understand the topic, several learning tools were introduced and then implemented into the training. One of those tools, is a non-formal education method and a game called Flemo. Flemo uses several props and roleplay in demonstrating the different steps of a complex issue. Its interactive approach breaks down complexities into an easier to understand format while still using knowledge that had been gained from the presentations. The knowledge acquired through Flemo was then tested in a Quiz, that took place after. This is where the participants were able to showcase what they have learned throughout the first half of the workshop. 

The second half of the workshop then specified the exact role of the Moveurope! Project including its structure, the target group and the different forms of implementation that can be carried out. The Project focuses on mobility, that can allow for a short term stay but still builds up skill sets for the Moveurope! participants. The differences in the mobility schemes and how to advise people on which would suit their needs the best was explained. After the theory behind the project was introduced and explained, another role play took place. This role play required the group to split into pairs and each pair to act out a specific scenario that fell into the framework of the project. They then had to work on the situation, while each playing a specific role and conclude on a mobility scheme that would fit the situation the best.

The participants of the workshop all greatly enjoyed the workshop, offering positive feedback on the interactive elements that supplemented the powerpoint presentations as well as on the openness of the presenters. The workshop answered many questions that the participants had over the Dublin regulation and the aims of the Moveurope! project.