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I knew about the European Solidarity Corps, but I thought it’s a programme only for European students. I thought it is not possible for me – being a refugee – to participate. 

Honoré, 25, 11-months ESC voluntary service at the association Lernimpuls in Witten, Germany


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I was surprised how they support people to move legally and I think after this experience I will keep on being someone who is advocating for free movement; […] If you see the cause of the organisation “mobility for people with refugee background” – I think, this should be the fight for everyone […]. It is very important because when people are stuck or they are not allowed to move, I think anyone can help in this cause.

Alpha, 27, ESC short term voluntary service at migration_miteinander, Witten Germany

With our moveurope! programme, we make accessible cross-border youth mobility – such as European voluntary services – for young people with refugee or migration backgrounds like Alphonse and Honoré – and support them in all steps to successfully participate. 

Why? moveurope!
We picture a Europe in which all young people have equal opportunities regardless of their nationality or legal status. We want the EU to be accessible to all young people and make its values more tangible.

How? Creating a mobility support network for young people with refugee backgrounds in Europe
In 2020, we decided to create a mobility support network for young people with refugee backgrounds in Europe. To that aim, in 2021, we built the first moveurope! Mobility Hub in the Ruhr Region (Witten) in Germany: a unique knowledge and service hub, specialised in the guidance and training of young people with refugee backgrounds who want to participate in short and long term mobilities across Europe, with a focus on voluntary services. 

What? moveurope! Mobility Hubs
Our Mobility Hubs share moveurope!’s values and cause. 
Their main mission is to build  and manage a local network of host organisations and other partners (f.ex. Language schools) who implement youth mobilities, mainly voluntary services, together. 

Where you can find our moveurope! Mobility Hubs 
Our Mobility Hub network is growing: today, it consists of several hubs in Germany and other European countries. We are currently building new Hubs in Spain and France. The network is managed by the first and main moveurope! Mobility Hub which is represented by migration_miteinander (moveurope! headquarters) and located in Witten, in the Ruhr region in Germany (continue reading here about our mobility Hub Ruhr-Region).





We promote cross-border mobility opportunities in Europe, however, at the moment our Hubs are mainly specialised to send young people to Germany (host country).  
Therefore, the Hubs in other European countries rather have a sending Hub function, promoting the moveurope! programme through networking and supporting young people in their local context in getting prepared for their mobilities abroad, which are mainly voluntary services in Germany. 

Who is part of our moveurope! Mobility Hubs? 
The moveurope! Mobility Hub is managed by a Hub coordinator who coordinates the implementation of the voluntary services in all phases: preparatory, implementation and follow-up, bringing together and connecting all involved actors – host organisations, other organisations such as help desks or inclusion support offers, volunteers and mobility mentors who are responsible for the operational guidance of the moveurope! volunteers in their local context, both in sending or host country, working hand in hand with the moveurope! headquarters and the hub coordinators to ensure smooth guidance during all mobility phases. A moveurope! Mobility Hub cannot exist without its network of host organisations and other local partners who support our cause. 

Host organisations can be active in different fields, for example working with children or youth, in the arts sector or in agriculture and gardening, they can be non-profit, non-governmental, companies, youth associations, schools or other institutions. What they all have in common is that they share our moveurope! cause and are localised in the city or region of one of our mobility Hubs. Here you can discover our current partners in the mobility Hub Ruhr region. 

Other local partners contribute with additional services, such as cultural mediation, language courses or training activities to our Hubs. 

If you want to have more information on the role of mobility Hub coordinators or you are interested in building a mobility Hub, please reach out to:


Golde Ebding

Project Manager

If your organisation is interested in hosting a moveurope! volunteer and you are close to one of our mobility Hubs (see above) or you would like to have further information, please reach out to: 

Thisha Migration Miteinander

Prathisha Hoffmann

Project coordinator

Mobility mentors

If you are interested to learn more about the mobility mentors or you would like to become a mobility mentor yourself (we offer a training circle each year starting in autumn), check out here.

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