moveurope! Infocenter - legal migration for refugees in Europe 

You have heard of legal possibilities of (further) migration to Germany and want to know more about it? You have questions about your residence permit and the associated job opportunities? Or do you work in the field of migration and want to know more about how refugees in the Dublin or visual procedures and what options refugees have to (continue) to migrate to Germany. These and many more questions will find an answer in our moveurope! infocenter. 

What is the project moveurope!?

Currently, refugees have to stay permanently in the first EU country they entered. However, the inner-European migratory pressure seems to be great, as many countries in eastern and southern Europe do not have a functioning asylum system and many countries are not able to provide adequate protection and support for refugees. Consequences are often an irregular stay or a second asylum procedure with all the disadvantages (fear of deportation, work prohibitions, exclusion and exploitation). 

As association migration_miteinander e.V. we started the project movEurope! intending to facilitate legal migration to Germany via the visa procedure (according to  §17, §18 AufenthG). The project aims to provide refugees who are forced to remain in the country with alternative routes and to open up opportunities for participation through the placement of refugees in, for instance, training centers and voluntary services in Germany. 

What do we offer in the infocenter? 

For refugees/ participants:

  • individual advice on perspectives of migration to Germany 
  • accompaniment in the visa procedure at authorities in Germany and abroad 
  • support in the choice of suitable opportunities for labour market integration 

For supporters/volunteers:

  • training sessions, workshops, information evenings on the legal framework for the mobility of refugees within Europe 
  • practical tips to help refugees to find jobs and migrate to Germany 

For employers:

  • training and information on the legal framework for labour market access for refugees
  • placement of free training places for refugees
  • close cooperation and support in bureaucratic matters in the recruitment of refugees in the company

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