Empower Youth 2019

This handbook describes the activities led during the Empower Youth, the participants’
opinions and experiences, as well as the outcomes of the project. It is targeted primarily at
trainers, social institutions and social workers, in Europe as well as in the world, that are
interested to organise a training (or activities) on empowerment for social workers through
non-formal education. The different activities listed above can be implemented as such, but
also represent inspirational examples for a similar training. Each session can be adapted to
a specific target group.

The Empower Youth training took place in Germany in from the 3rd to the 9th of November
2019 and was implemented by migration_miteinander e.V thanks to a collaboration with
Scambi Europei (Italy), Second Chance, School of Volos (Greece), Initiative Sociale (Romania),
Building tomorrow (Albania), Ilewasi (Spain), Gaziantep Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi (Turkey),
Inceptus (Lithuania), Pistes Solidaires (France), Sudanese Community Malta (Malta).
This project was supported and made possible by Erasmus +The project’s aim was to
prepare youth workers for the job market in a social environment, through self-reflection,
analysis and sharing of personal experiences. Our trainer provided skills and knowledge
about leadership and youth capacity building, skills acknowledgement, employability, and
empowerment. The Empower Youth training enabled to foster the participants' observation
about their role and competencies as youth workers and strengthened their ability to define
short and long term objectives in their work environment.