Moveurope!- Promotion of mobility for refugees in the European Context

Moveurope!- Promotion of mobility for refugees in the European context is a two-year project which aims to promote and facilitate young refugees’ access to mobility programs through a strengthened youth work framework. The target groups of the project are youth workers that support young refugees or are involved in the mobility field, providers of mobility programs (such as youth exchanges, volunteer services and alike) and of course young refugees who wish to participate in such programs.

migration_miteinander e.V. will work with and bring together 7 partner organisations coming from Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, and Sweden. Together with these organisations we will pool our knowledge, form new strategies and implement them in our respective countries. We will jointly produce a handbook about the legal framework and mobility opportunities, a toolkit on how to introduce this information through non-formal education, as well as online and offline training concepts.

The Mobility guide, Mobility toolkit and the training concepts will then be tested in every country in two sessions each with youth workers and young refugees. Each organisation will then host one event to share this information in their respective countries and beyond. In the long term, we want young refugees to be aware of the legal mobility opportunities which can be alternatives to irregular secondary movements, as well as promoting an Active European Citizenship for young people with and without a refugee background. 

Our partners: