Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela.

With our Cameroonian partner association Waito W’esombe we invite a group of 14 young changemakers (18-30 years) living in Germany and Cameroon and aiming at engaging in the future in education, to come with us to a journey of mutual learning and exchange. 
To what aim? 
Education can be realised through different formats: informal, non-formal and formal ones. Education can be understood in different ways and be expressed through different systems. 
Education has its history which impacts on its present – with EduChange we want to shape its future together. 
We want to inspire each other by learning about the educational system of Germany and Cameroon, analyse and compare, discover and share inspiring grassroots educational projects and approaches from both countries. 

To do, in May 2022 the 14 participants will spend 16 days together in Yaounde, Cameroon, and in August 2022 again 16 days in Dortmund, Germany. Between and after the two visits, the participants will engage in local activities in both countries and will start working on their own pilot projects to promote quality education in their local contexts. 

Our Cameoonian partner Waito W’esombe: 
Since 2019 we collaborate with our Cameroonian partner Waito W’esombe that is located in the anglophone region in the city of Limbe.
The association mainly implementes empowerment and training projects for young women in vulnerable settings and guides then in a self-determined and independent future. 



Golde Ebding

Project Manager

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