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Our moveurope! local groups

Current projects


Promotion of mobility for refugees in the European Context

moveurope! – Promotion of mobility for refugees in the European context is a two-year project which aims to promote and facilitate young refugees’ access to mobility programs through a strengthened youth work framework. The target groups of the project are youth workers that support young refugees or are involved in the mobility field, providers of mobility programs (such as youth exchanges, volunteer services and alike) and of course young refugees who wish to participate in such programs.

ESC in the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis

For more than two years our association has been implementing projects as an accredited hosting and supporting organisation within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC) – former European Voluntary Service – and in close cooperation with our European partners.

With the ESC network in the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, we would like to share our positive experience and the advantages of participating in the ESC programme with local institutions and young people and support them in taking part themselves. We want to make European mobility accessible to more young people – not only Europeans but also young migrants, primarily refugees – in Europe and prepare them for an active citizenship in the European context.

moveurope! Infocenter

legal migration for refugees in Europe

You have heard of legal possibilities of (further) migration to Germany and want to know more about it? You have questions about your residence permit and the associated job opportunities? Or do you work in the field of migration and want to know more about how refugees in the Dublin or visual procedures and what options refugees have to (continue) to migrate to Germany. These and many more questions will find an answer in our moveurope! infocenter. 


Individual volunteering at migration_miteinander

With MOREurope we want to make Europe more tangible for young refugees and to create new avenues to empower by allowing them access to equal opportunities in Europe. 

We believe that European mobility opportunities should be accessible to everyone, not only for European citizens but also for young refugees, who should also take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that are otherwise precluded to them. We aim to a world in which equal opportunities for everyone are given, regardless of nationality and birth privileges. This vision is for us even more important within a world that is increasingly turning a blind eye on people with less opportunities  and where borders are being increasingly sealed.


The Bewerbercafé (eng. Job Hunting Café) promotes integration for people with a migration- or refugee backgrounds in the local job market. The consultation hour offers the necessary orientation regarding the German labour market and its “codes of conduct” by providing individual guidance. During the sessions applicants will learn how to write a motivation letter, CV as well as how to prepare an application folder (dt. Bewerbungsmappe) that reflects current professional standards in Germany. Also, how to use appropriate search tools for job hunting will be shown. 

The job hunting consultation-hour is open and free of charge for anyone with a migration- or refugee background.

The opening hours for the Job Hunting consultation are Mondays from 17:00-19:00 and Wednesday from 15:00-17:00. 

The Bewerbercafé takes place in the migration_miteinander Infocenter, Marktstraße 3, 58455 Witten.

Assistance can be offered by agreement at other times as well. And you can also reach us under this number: +49 2302 4009436

Active involvement of Women in the neighbourhood

Together with the Quartiersmanagement Witten Heven-Ost/ Crengeldanz, we want to engage in in-depth conversations with 20 women with a migration or refugee background. We will be working with women in the Quartier Crengeldanz, Witten, and hope to listen to their experiences, engagement in the community, and further needs/wishes for the area. We want to recognise the work already implemented by women in the area and also discuss together next steps. In preparation, we have had training from Zeynep about “The Art of Interviewing”. Zeynep is a PHD student engaged with local migration topics and gave us some inders tipps. We hope to begin interviews in November. After speaking to the women, we will develop and share a brochure within the community.

Short Stories – Big Changes

This is an Erasmus + KA2 project, from our partner Umdongsfronten, which aims to support the social inclusion, integration and empowerment of young people with a Refugee or Migrants background in the participating countries and beyond.  Herewithin, we will support as a partner in creating a living library, sharing positive stories of integration and development of refugees in the 4 different European countries; Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria with our partner Y-Peer,  and Italy, represented by CET Platform Italia. Further guidelines for youth workers and a series of Videos, A Story Makes a Difference, will be widely disseminated in the partner countries using online and traditional methods such as social media and contacting other stakeholders. 

Our moveurope! local groups

moveurope! We want to be a European network promoting refugees mobility rights in Europe through local action

Increasing young people’s access to mobility programs is one of the most important objectives of Erasmus+ and leads to so far roundabout 9 million people in Europe going abroad to other European countries both for short-term stays and longer periods. 

Getting to know Europe, exploring its variety and exchanging ideas and visions with other young people from all over Europe lays the foundation for an actively lived citizenship and thus remarkably contributes to Europe’s future as a united and solidarity-based entity. 


European Structural Orientation Program for migrants

ESOP is an empowerment program for EU interns/ volunteers and refugees that we implement in the framework of an European volunteering project from September ‘20 to August ‘21. 

The perception of migration is often very negative and is mostly seen as a burden or a danger. This creates space for migrants to get discriminated and isolated from active participation in their hosting societies. To counteract this development, the project promotes and supports activities that favour the integration of migrants into active citizenship and construct a harmonious living together. At the same time, the project wants to promote an Active European Citizenship and exchange between young European. To do so, following activities are realized:

Yalla Integra!

Yalla Integra! aims to bring together young people with and without a refugee background from Witten and surroundings. The project will allow them to get to know each other and enjoy different activities as a big group or as a tandem in pairs.

During the first phase of the project the participants will get to know each other and learn about each other’s common interests and hobbies. They will meet once a week and support each other in everyday life situations, make excursions, do sports or create a language tandem.

(Y)our Europe! Vol.2

Become a changemaker and shape living together!

Join us in our next youth exchange in 2021, the training academy (Y)our Europe?!. 37 Young people between the age of 18 and 30, with and without refugee background, living in Turkey, Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany will come together for an 11 day long Youth exchange. The exchange will focus on how participants can have a positive impact on their society and support “old” and “new” citizens to live harmoniously together. 

Completed projects


euroPAtchwork is a project for young refugees, particularly the ones falling under the European Dublin III regulation. The Dublin Regulation decides which country- in most cases, the country of the first entry-  is responsible for asylum seekers. However, many migrants feel the need to relocate to other European countries. This project communicates possible legal mobilities tools and wants to provide easily understandable information in the form of little video clips. Furthermore, the project raises awareness on refugees’ life realities and strengthens solidarity between citizens and migrants.  


Tabadol is Arabic and means exchange – and this is exactly what we, as a group of young people from migration_miteinander, want to do together with a group from Bologna, Italy: exchange ourselves and learn from each other.

What? Together with and for young refugees, we want to develop and organise regular exchange activities, such as language tandems, job training, creative workshops (storytelling, theatre) or public events.

ESOP 2019

European Structural Orientation Program for Migrants

ESOP is an empowerment exchange program for migrants in Italy and interns from various EU countries providing the necessary platform to support and manage mutual dialogue for an appreciative living together.

The program units on one hand focus on Italian and German language classes, introduction to IT, civic education, legal trainings and preparation for the labour market in Europe. On the other hand, through seminars and trainings, the European interns receive an important formation in intercultural communication strategies.

Tama Taman

”TAMA TAMAN” in the language of the Mandinka ethnic in West Africa means ”to go on a journey together”.

And that is what the project is about: To go on a journey together with young people with and without refugee backgrounds so that they get to know each other, live together for nearly two weeks and teach each other more about their own culture, religion and personal traditions. They go on a new intercultural journey together.

Youth Workers Mobility “Empower Youth!”

Youth Workers Mobility “Empower Youth!” Project aims to prepare youth workers for the job market in a social environment. The objectives of the project can be listed as:

  • Improving the working quality of youth workers through self-reflection, analysis and sharing personal experiences, providing skills and knowledge about leadership and youth capacity building, skills acknowledgement, employability, and empowerment.
  • Fostering the participants’ observation about their role and competencies as youth workers, and making them able to define short and long term objectives (worker management).

(Y)our Europe?!

The project (Y)our Europe?! is implemented by migration_miteinander together and partners from Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey.
The main objectives of the project are to make Europe more tangible and to prepare young people to actively work for peaceful coexistence in multicultural societies.
(Y)our Europe?! started with a youth exchange in Witten from the 15th to 29th of July. Around 12 young people per country between 18 and 30 years, with and without a refugee background,  participated in various activities such as workshops on Europe and living together, excursions and intercultural theme evenings. Participants have learned to use tools such as social networks to promote intercultural exchange and communication.

Listen to my story

“Hör meine Geschichte” is a project that aims to increase the appreciation for diversity and reduce the fear of the “unknown” among people from diverse backgrounds through storytelling and story writing. Through biographical work “Hör meine Geschichte” aims to take people with and without a refugee background on equal terms and establish inclusion. The target group will also have a chance to share their diverse stories, ranging from tradition, religion, identity and mobility. Their stories will be turned into a book to be published at a later stage.

Young Voices

Young Voices is a project realized in collaboration with the Associazione Interculturale Universo, Bandiera Gialla, Associazione Dry Art, Associazione Dry-Art, AISEC, flashgiovani and Associazione mosaico di solidarietà.
A first cycle was implemented from January to July 2018 with a group of 15 young people between 16 and 21 years coming from 6 different countries.


The project SocInc (social inclusion) will run from the 1st of August 2019 until the 31st of July 2020 was designed with partners from Italy, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria and is divided into 3 mobilities (one in Germany, one in Italy and one in Bulgaria). The first mobility will take place in Witten in November 2019.

Participants will be youth workers, intercultural mediators and educators, social workers and refugee community leaders, all working particularly with vulnerable young refugees. As usual, we will make sure to have participants with a diversity of backgrounds, including participants who have experienced migration or flight.

Show me your school!

The goal of “Show me your school!” (Ger. Zeig mir deine Schule!) is to inform young displaced people about Waldorf education and make the Waldorf school, which is usually an unknown education for some, more accessible. 

This activity will not only promote peer-to-peer but also intercultural exchange and dialogue skills of the project’s participation. 

The project will be implemented as part of Waldorf 100.