Mig_mit welcomes Camila!

For this month we would like to welcome our new intern for social media, Camila, to our team! Now many of you might recognize her from past events, perhaps some of you don’t know, but Camila has been a part of this team since November 2019. She volunteered for us at the Bewerbercafé, took part in Tabadol and also several Yalla Integra Events and has thus far contributed greatly to mig_mit. Now finally she will be officially joining us to build up our social media presence! 

For you to get to know her a little bit more, we have therefore prepared an interview with her, that you can find here – enjoy! 

Hello Camila, first of all, welcome to the organisation as a new intern! Why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers!

I am Camila. I am from Brazil. I study applied linguistics at the University Dortmund. And I now have been here for almost 5 years in Germany.  


How did you come across migration_miteinander e.V? 

I came across mig_mit through facebook, when Tabadol was searching for participants. I    was actually looking for events and some interesting activities and when I came across Tabadol and mig_mit, I directly signed up for it and here I am. Through Tabadol I met Sophie, our project coordinator and former mig_mit intern, and the other interns. I therefore was introduced to several projects of mig_mit and my interest grew to volunteer for them. Especially Bewerbercafé caught my eye, so I decided to volunteer for this project since November. 


What will be your official role here in migration_miteinander? 

Through Bewerbercafé I was already actively taking part in communications, so when the position as social media intern was available, I decided to take that role. Because of my previous social media experience in another organisation, I have decided, this way I could contribute to mig_mit and hopefully it will help. 


What do you hope to achieve for the organisation but mainly for yourself by working here? 

I really liked working with refugees and through Bewerbercafé, I had the opportunity to somehow help integrate people into the german labour market. I realized that there is so much we can give and should give. So much that we can offer, information wise. In this generation, social media is a very important platform where information is shared and we need to realize this importance and my goal is to help with spreading the useful information through social media. My experience so far with Bewerbercafé has been really good. I have learned a lot and I wish to learn even more, participate even more in other projects and activities and help make mig_mit more present in the social media world. 

Welcome Camila!

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