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Bewerbercafé is back!

We’re back! Did you miss us? From Monday 18th May, we will reopen the Bewerbercafé, buuut with a few important changes to make it a more corona-proof environment:
  • Face masks or mouth and nose covering will be compulsory for everyone at all times (our team will also be wearing them).
  • We will only be accepting one consultation at a time and after each one, we will disinfect the space with spray.
  • 1,5m distance will be kept at all times.
Our opening times are: Monday 17-19 and Wednesday 15-17.

We look forward to offering our services to this great community once again!

See you soon at:

Marktstraße 3
58452 Witten

Our network is growing fast: welcome to our new Europe wide local groups!

You want to participate in moveurope! projects, but you’re living far from us? We are getting closer to you thanks to our Europe wide local groups!
In the last few weeks, we created 20 local groups, gathering in our network 120 people with different backgrounds and living in 5 different countries:
  • Germany (Berlin, Bochum, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig/Halle, Munich)
  • Italy (Roma, Bologna, La Spezia, Milano, Napoli, Palermo, Sassari, Torino, Udine)
  • France (Paris, Grenoble)
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • Greece (Athens)
These groups are composed of young people extremely motivated to join our moveurope! network and promote mobility rights and possibilities for refugees. In the framework of moveurope!; they will organise their own projects in their city for at least one year, starting in September 2020. We are really happy to collaborate with so many people in so many places. Our cooperation will enable more and more refugees and organisations all over Europe to get information about mobility rights and possibilities. We are very thankful to all these people for their interest and participation in this great European adventure!

Ready to play?

Everybody loves to play games. But how often have you felt split between having fun and learning something important? In such times you wish you can divide yourself in two to do both activities, right? No need, you can have the best of both worlds. ;) With our educational game you will have the chance to learn all about the steps which refugees must take through the different institutions while having fun with others at the same time!

What is this game about? It is related to the life of the refugees in Europe and the processes of applying for asylum, obtaining residence permits and visas, family reunification. If you are a refugee and want to know more about your mobility possibilities to move to another European country in order to live, work, study, this game is just for you! You will have the chance not only to interact with the institutions responsible for all of these steps, such as the Job Center, Lawyers, NGO, but also to play in their shoes and support other refugees to find their way to a life of their choice.

Already interested? Get ready, it’s coming soon!

The game is loading. Please wait...

An insight of Ramadan

Everyone has a preference for a month on the calendar, it may be connected to your birthday or some special event in your life. But for the Muslim community there is a month very special and meaningful, Ramadan, and this year it has started the 24th of April and will last until the 23rd of May.

We may all have heard of it but what do we really know about this time of the year?
In this interview, we have the insight from two of our dear friends, Thisha, who is also currently one of our team members, and Hasan. They are giving us their personal perspective on the meaning of this month, the bright and dark sides of being in a country far away from your homeland, Malaysia and Syria, and how they are living this experience in this peculiar time with a worldwide pandemic. Are you curious to find out more?
Special thanks to Hasan Al Khuder and Prathisha Hoffmann for this important insight and Ramadan Kareem to all our friends in the world!

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