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Meet our new ESC volunteers



"Hello everyone! I am Carlo Alberto and I just arrived from my home country, Italy, to start this exciting adventure with Mig_mit. Throughout my studies, which included international relations and law, I developed a strong interest with regard to human development and equal opportunities. Currently I am carrying out a Master’s Degree in European Studies, with a specialization in Foreign Affairs and Security. I am confident this will be an experience from which to extract essential personal and professional skills. Above all, as a putative ambassador of Europe, I look forward to helping more people to experience the European feeling, values, and beauty. Thus, Mig_mit is the place I want and need to be."


"My name is Jesús González. I am 24 years old, and I am from Oviedo, a city in the north of Spain.Once I finished my law studies, I have decided to participate in the migration_miteinander under the European Solidarity Corps to materialize the most important value to me: solidarity.
In Spain, I took part in the students’ movement in my university, where I worked with my classmates to change the education system, spreading a different point of view on education and society. The reason I am here is that, after finishing my studies, I saw the opportunity to use the knowledge I have learned in university to develop helpful tools with migrant and refugee people in defense of their dignity and to embrace human solidarity.
I would like to use this opportunity in Witten to know Germany better and to be fed by the knowledge of my teammates to grow up not only in the professional field but also in the personal."


"Hi, I am Nisrine Motawei and I am French-Egyptian. I studied business law in both France and Egypt.
I was born in France and I grew up there before traveling to Guinea (Conakry) where I spent 5 interesting years before living in Egypt. I also had the opportunity to stay a few months in Bosnia & Herzegovina where I learned a lot about the culture and the people. I have a multicultural background and I want to be active in the field of refugees protection and their social and economic empowerment with their mobility inside the EU.
I first met members of migration_miteinander virtually and participated in the project of Moveurope with a group of young people in Paris in 2020. After this, at the end of the same year, I did a legal internship in Paris and got to know a little bit more about the refugees' judicial procedures before the national courts.
Finally, I couldn't resist the opportunity to be a part of migration_miteinander as a European volunteer this year. :)"
Article 1_Hassan


"Hello my name is Hafiz Ahmad Hassan. I moved to Italy from Pakistan to do my Master's in Bioinformatics because of keen interest in developing healthcare Information System. In the past, I published a research article on Skin Cancer Detection and Classification System. Currently, I am working as a researcher at University College London in the field of surgical data science. My motivation to join this organisation is to help underprivileged communities especially refugees through the skills I have developed so far. My contribution would be to provide IT support."

moveurope! follow-up training in Bologna

We are glad to share that our follow-up training in Bologna, Italy, successfully concluded. It started on the 25th of October and lasted till the 29th. The training was organized by Associazione Interculturale Universo, who were the main organizers in collaboration with migration_miteinander. Youth workers from across Europe participated and shared their unique experiences. The purpose of this training was to discuss the tools and techniques learned in the first phase of the training in Velbert, Germany, like how productive were the tools in the implementation of the different local projects. And also to train & plan for the future common activities for Moveurope! Local groups, and network members.
During the first two days, the participants talked more about the Moveurope project and most recent developments. They also shared what can be improved to make it more effective in the near future and their motivation behind this project. Later on, Maria Chiara Battisti, our young legal expert, conducted an informative session about the European legal framework for refugees, like EU Asylum Law & Dublin. The participants discussed different cases and puzzles using the set of legal documents provided to them. On the last day, the participants participated in the evaluation of the training program and shared their personal views.
Last but not least, the participants, before leaving, organized a goodbye party with a bonfire on the high hills of Emilia-Romagna. They sang and danced together, which eventually concluded the training program on a great note :)

Dear Osnabrück

an Exhibition by moveurope! Local Group, Osnabrück
Artcile 3 Osnabrück
If you could talk to the city you live in, what would you say to it?

From November 2021 to January 2022, Wander Kammer Museum is exhibiting artworks that answered the very same question.

The pieces in this exhibition were created by people living in Osnabrück. They were inspired and created in our summer story-telling workshop, where Osnabrückers exchanged their perspective on life in Osnabrück and what the city means to them. Through our mailboxes, we also collected and are currently displaying the letters that were written by Osnabrückers to Osnabrück.

The artworks are mostly in the form of videos, paintings, letters, and audio messages. So there’s something for almost everyone. In our exhibition, visitors are also provided a space - which we call “The Study” to write their own letters to Osnabrück. There’s also a cozy corner waiting for each visitor where they can sit down and read the letters others have written to the city.

Wander Kammer Museum will continue to collect more artworks in the coming months, and will soon launch its digital museum to display the stories of home-making and mobility in Osnabrück.

If you want to learn more about these stories, visit us in the Lounge Room of the Museumsquartier Osnabrück (Lotter Str. 2). Entry is free.

We are open:

Tuesday to Friday: 11AM - 6PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM - 6PM

With love,
Wander Kammer Museum
Article 3 Osnabrück


Article 4
On Friday 12 November 2021, the first meeting of the Legal Help Desk (LHD) took place. Acting as one of the fundamental pillars of the moveurope! project, the LHD combines the efforts of board members, interns, and young volunteers, all working together on research, consultations, and general support.

The Legal Help Desk was conceived as an essential tool for intra-European mobility for young migrants and people with a refugee background. Through legal advice and practical support, migration_miteinander offers concrete help to those who aspire to move legally within Europe while in possession of a residence permit and a valid travel document.

The LHD is also closely connected to the Bewerbercafé project, currently implemented in Witten and the nearby cities. The Bewerbercafé cooperates with the Legal Help Desk by assisting participants during and after their mobility. Through this combined effort, young people can receive all the support they need for starting a life in Germany, thanks to voluntary services and apprenticeships leading towards legal establishment and financial independence.

To be able to communicate in German and work in Germany, young people are provided with the opportunity to improve their language skills through courses and open online meetings (like the "Sprachcafé"). They can undertake vocational training or even an apprenticeship, known as "Ausbildung" in Germany, to be qualified to work in a specific technical profession (e.g. cooking, sewing, mechanics). This professional qualification might prove to be essential during future job searches, principally but not exclusively in Germany.

In conclusion, the Legal Help Desk as part of moveurope! provides foundations for building a future for so many disadvantaged young people. Keeping in mind the legal and bureaucratic obstacles constantly hindering legal mobility, we truly believe this instrument can have a positive impact, especially thanks to its peer-to-peer nature, which involves participants rather than beneficiaries and spreads the values of solidarity among youth.

Call for application for young people with refugee backgrounds

OPEN APPLICATIONS: Voluntary service in Germany for young refugees/young people with a migration background

This opportunity is for all those who meet the following requirements:
  • Do you live in the European Union?
  • Are you 18-30 years old?
  • Do you have a refugee background?
  • Have you always wanted to legally move to Germany to gain new experiences?
Come to Germany for voluntary service to gain experience and new skills.

Volunteering means offering yourself, your time and your skills to a cause and people. In return, you gain experience and new skills.

It also allows you to connect with your community and make it a better place.
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